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You guys need to know whats happen.…

I dont know how long I'll come back,but you need to have Faith and patience.
I got triple tagged by: :iconpointystarz: , :iconkrida2: and :iconmeandfoxy:

This should be fun

1. Write the rules
2. Write 13 things about yourself
3. Answer the 13 questions made by the person who tag you. And, make your own 13 questions.
4. Tag 13 deviants. And I mean ONLY 13!
5. Make sure that they know that they are tagged.
6. Don't say "You're tagged if you read this..."
7. It is forbidden to not tag anyone.
8. Tag backs are allowed
9. If you're lazy, don't do it on comments of this journal.
10. If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you.
11. Rule 10 cannot be crazy, or something stupid.
12. Understand the rules.
13. This is rule 13.

13 things about me:

  1. Im a nice person.
  2. I like chocolate.
  3. I love Rock N Roll music
  4. Im not good at dacing
  5. Im scared of Planes and Cruces
  6. I sing and act alone
  7. I chat with my friends for roleplaying to cheer them up
  8. I have a permanent allergy
  9. I played the guittar,Piano,Flute and bongo drums
  10. I love watching cartoons
  11. I imitate voice characters
  12. I get excited and insane when it comes to new things
  13. I make strange and Yummy foods and drinks
-Stars questions-

1. Are you good at swords or good at Archery?

2. Have you ever been bullied?

Yeah, Was been bullied by three boys that they're teasing and abusing me.

3. Do you like to sing?

Yup. All the time

4. Do you cook?

Sure do. Sorta.

5. Which story do you read?

Beauty and The Beast and Stories about wolves

6. What is your biggest fear?

Loosing the people I love

7. Do you dream on something?

Yes. I dream that I was in the forest.

8. Have you ever love someone?

Its complicated.

9. Are you good at fighting?

Hell yeah. Just for defense.

10. Do you like chinese food?

More than ever.

11. Which is your favorite passtime?

Looking at the stars.

12. Have you ever kill anyone?


13. What is your future?

To have a family.

My questions:

  1. Do you watch gory old animes?
  2. Have you ever have crazy dreams?
  3. Which is your favorite celebration?
  4. Do you have a talent mind?
  5. Which is your favorite childhood?
  6. Do you eat spicy foods?
  7. How many tooth you loose?
  8. Do you have scars?
  9. What are your favorite stories?
  10. What cartoon characters you love?
  11. Are afraid of clowns?
  12. do you like cyborg wolves?
  13. Would you like to roleplay with me?
Thats it.Im done. I need to lie down.

:iconmrtermi988:, :iconwarthogs117: , :iconsandriux2000:, :iconshadow-dust6: , :iconianmata1998:, :iconcrazy350: , :iconredponygc: , :iconred-velvet-pony: , :iconmlpcrystalmelody: , :iconfrikay29: , :iconalpharoyal01: , :icondannythemartian: , :icongreenmint4265: , :iconmeetthegmodder: , :iconxenon2462: , :iconpoci20: , :iconshadowsoldieromega22: , :icondashergalaxycat: , :icondjwingbeatz: , :icondragongamezart: , :iconshaboodleguitar: , :iconnickttsoldier: , :iconvamponylovers: , :iconschorpioen007: , :iconthedarklordk: , :iconthewaffleguy220: , :icondarkdante93:  and :iconthekingofvideogame10: 


Puerto Rico



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